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New Fotobella Post...it's almost time!

I am so excited!  Tomorrow one of my latest creations for Fotobella's Design Team will be featured on thier blog tomorrow.  Click here for a link to the page.  I cannot post it yet, but here is a sneek peak...
Can you guess what it is?  Make sure to check back tomorrow for more details :)  Until then...
Happy Crafting,

Fotobella Design Team - December Sneak Peak

Hi All!  It's Christmas and we are just gearing up for the holdidays at my house.  I am enjoying it more this year than I have since moving to Arizona 5 1/2 years ago.  Crafting, planning for the holidays & looking forward to spending time with my whole family.  My monthly shipment from Fotobella only added to the excitement of the season. 
A few months ago, I announced that I was selected to be a Design Team member for Fotobella.com.  I absolutely love this site.  They carry a huge assortment of products from the scrapbooking industry's leading manufacturers.  My favorite things on the site are the bundles. 
As you all know, I am a scrapbook collector.  When I like a line, I want everthing in that line...paper, stickers, bling, embellishments, etc.  I want it all!Each bundle contains an assorment of product from one scrapbook line and there are options for every budget.  Because I am a collector, I am obsessed with the "I Want It All Bundles".  They contain EVERYTHING! 
Around the 3rd week of the month, I start checking the mailbox every day to see if my Fotobella package arrived.  I am like a kid anxiously anticipating the arrival of Santa and am excited when it arrives :)  We never know what product we are going to work with that month.  I was suprized when I opened my box from Fotobella for my December project.  It was like an early Christmas present! Here is a sneak of what was in my box:
HINT:  It is from one of my favorite lines & I cannot wait to show you what you can do with this amazing holiday bundle.  Keep an eye out for my post and the other December Design Team project posts on the Fotobella Blog.  May the magic of the season put a smile on your face :)

Yard sale!

Well it's that time of year again. My local scrapbook store is having thier bi-annual yard sale. ETC at Lindsey & University in Mesa, AZ has two of these sales each year.  One in the spring and one in the fall.  It is so much fun to go!  You can get some great finds at fantastic deals :)  Although I have participated the last 3 or 4 times, I still have such a hard time motivating myself to go through my craft room and decide what to keep & what to sell. 
 I have a confession...I am a scrapbook collector. When I find a collection I like, I feel the need to buy everything in the set (paper, stamps, bling, borders, chipboard, stickers, embellishments...EVERYTHING!).  I always have great intentions of saving it for that "special" project and then never use it.  It sits in my room, collecting dust and then I find something newer, something better.  My decision making process is complicated by the little voice in the back of my head saying "don't get rid of that...it's still cute...you might find a good project to use that for."
I put it off because it is always such a HUGE undertaking. The only good thing is that each time I do this, my room seems a little lighter...a lot take brighter... & a whole lot more inviting!  I have also come up with some great storage options which I will share later.
Wish me luck...it's time to go in!

FotoBella.com Design Team

Well, after much deliberation last weekend, I answered the Design Team call for one of my favorite sites, Fotobella.com.  As you all know I have not had much luck with these the past couple of years.  I have found the Design Team selection process and competition to be a lot tougher than it was 8 years ago.  
While sitting on the couch Monday after work with my love (who was intently watching the football game), I submitted my application and samples to FotoBella and hoped for the best.  The call details had promised to contact the selected members on Wednesday.  When I didn't hear anything, I chalked it up an experience that would make me better the next time I applied and made a mental note to check the blog on Friday to see who the lucky winners were.  While I was at work on Thursday, I heard my cell ringing from the depths of my purse.  I quickly fished it out (which was not an easy task), looked at the phone and decided let it go to voice mail.  Within a couple of minutes, my phone chirped notifying me that I had a voicemail (boy that darn thing can be persistent!).  I was intrigued and decided to listen. 
To my shock and amazement, it was the sweet voice of Cher from FotoBella welcoming me to Design Team!  What...me???  I had to listen to the message a couple of times before it actually sunk in.  Yes, FotoBella.com wanted ME!!!   I had been selected as 1 of 4 new design team members for the October 15, 2012 to April 15, 2013 team.  Our team also has been blessed with 2 returning members.
Congrats to Apryl, KimberlyRae, Lisa, Jeri & Sarinda.  I look forward to seeing what these talented ladies come up with each month and look forward to getting to know each one of them better.
As a design team member, I will be designing a layout, card & tag each month for FotoBella.com and I cannot wait to share them  with you.  
Thank you to FotoBella.com for believing in me and allowing me to share my passion and talent.  If you have time, stop by and check out their site.  They have everything to satisfy your crafting needs at amazing prices.  www.FotoBella.com

Patience is a virtue...but not mine (today)

OK, today is the day!  The day when SEI announces thier 2013 design team.  I know my chances are slim and I am excited and nervous all mixed into one.  I am sure there were A LOT of applicants.  I surely do not envy thier decision, but I JUST WANT TO KNOW!  Did I make it or not????  I am like a kid waiting for a surprize. I woke up this morning & checked my email...nothing.  I checked my junk email folder...nothing. I was hoping to know something first thing this morning...but I just can't win...nothing.  Everytime the phone rings I check the caller ID to see if it's from UT.  I guess I will have to wait and see what drops into my inbox throughout the day :\ 
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